COVID-19: Business News Update

by Liam Dwyer

How are local and international businesses dealing with the Pandemic?  As companies such as Walmart and Amazon are hit with heightened demand for delivery and “panic-buying”, the companies are offering temporary raises and jobs, together looking to hire over 250,000 new employees nationwide. Many other companies are also getting in on the hiring spree offering a walk-in interviews and a fast-tracked evaluation process to get new employees on the floor as fast they can.

Many stores are also implementing special measures to keep both their customers and employees safe from the virus. The most common of these measures includes senior-shopping hours, times where older individuals who are more at-risk from COVID-19 can shop without the fear of large crowds. Many stores that are also alternative store hours or closing their storefronts entirely aside from curbside delivery or pick-up orders.  

On a local level, a number of restaurants in the area are providing much needed support to families in need. With the recent closing of public schools by Governor Pritzker earlier this week many families that relied on the schools to feed their children are looking for alternative options. Restaurants such as Maize and Wingstop have stepped up and publicly announced they are offering free lunches to students K-12 with no payment from parents required. 

That is all for this week’s COVID-19 business update, check back for all the latest news on the pandemic and much more.