Champaign-Urbana Women March for Reproductive Rights

URBANA, Ill. (UI7) — The University of Illinois College of Law students organized the C-U Women’s March on Saturday.

The Women’s March is a foundational movement that is devoted to deconstructing governmental systems that are designed to oppress women by participating in nonviolent acts of opposition.

The goal of the C-U Women’s March was to utilize the political power of women and their allies to work towards social change. The march was one of 600 marches around the nation to fight for women’s rights.

“Many individuals do not know their rights are at stake,” C-U March Co-Director Miranda Greene said. “One of our main goals is to further education about reproductive healthcare.”

Participants marched from the Alma Mater Statue to the Champaign County Courthouse, where many speakers discussed the new legal challenges regarding women’s reproductive rights including Texas’ Senate Bill 8.

SB8 states that physicians are not permitted to perform an abortion if they can detect a fetal heartbeat. This bill predominantly affects black, indigenous and people of color,  as well as low-income citizens of Texas.

Although SB8 does not directly affect residents of Illinois, the C-U Women’s March participants were voicing their concerns about the women of Texas and demanding new policies that promote access to safe abortions for every woman in America.

“We know that today we are all at a crossroads, but what Texas has done has highlighted how far ahead we are in Illinois,” State Representative Carol Ammons said. “Defending reproductive rights will not be an easy fight … but we will fight back.”

Each year, The Women’s March movement draws in millions of people from hundreds of cities around the world — including Champaign-Urbana.

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