Champaign School District Hopes to Incentivize Teachers

As the demand for workers in every field increased, the Champaign school board decided to do something about it by incentivizing substitute teachers to work for the district. The Champaign school district voted Monday to raise the pay for substitute teachers.

This is coming at a time when the district has struggled to retain and hire new staff amid the pandemic. This has led to many teachers having to go beyond their job descriptions to not only teach but maintain a healthy environment for their students.

Champaign substitute teachers will now be paid $140 instead of the previous $110. More experienced and retired teachers will receive more. The district hopes to incentivize teachers to work for them. Champaign is requiring all substitute teachers to have a Bachelor’s degree.

Urban School District went through this very same change last month raising their substitute pay to $130 instead of the previous $110.

The districts have taken numerous efforts to try to solve this issue with numerous programs to try to transition people with bachelor’s degrees into a substitute teacher role. Many of those candidates that have started their teacher licensure programs won’t be eligible to teach until 2024.

The county is doing the best it can to ensure that they are staffed properly and providing the best education possible. Champaign county is dealing with problems that many schools in the staff have has to face during the pandemic.

This isn’t an issue that is just unique to the school system but an issue many job sectors have been dealing with. There is a lack of people working which has caused a change in life and for businesses to figure out how they can get people to work.

The Champaign County school district still has a long way to go but they are hopeful their commitment to incentivize their employees will help them down the road.