Champaign Fire Department Grows

The pandemic has made it difficult for Champaign businesses to find workers, the Champaign fire department has been hit with a hoard of applicants. This has resulted in a competitive applicant pool all vying for a chance to become a part of some of Champaign’s finest public servants.

With many potential retirees the department is going through a transition phase which has prompted them to continue their search for more applicants. The department started with an applicant pool of 200 that resulted in nine new hires being chosen for the next step.

The new hires are some of the top candidates in the pool of applicants that were chosen due to their high scores during the testing process. People can wait on the list for up to two years with many testing multiple times to ensure they are qualified.

This has opened the door for many struggling Champaign residents as the pandemic has hit communities all over the country. The Champaign Fire department has been a fresh breath of air with the heavy publication of their open positions. 

After the initial hire, the new firefighters will spend seven weeks at the academy training to learn basic skills.

Many fire stations in Illinois have been receiving a large influx of applicants which is a positive sign after many businesses struggled to maintain workers or adapt to the new ways of life due to COVID-19. 

The Champaign fire department welcomes all the new faces and loves those people eager to work. Fire Chief Gary Ludwig is confident in the new hires and waiting for their completion.  

The Champaign fire department is casting a wide net to find suitable candidates through videos on Facebook and postings on the City of Champaign website. They have garnered thousands of views through their creative promotions.