Champaign County COVID-19 vaccinations still administered amid winter storm

by Shelbi Voss

Yesterday’s winter storm left Champaign County covered in thick snowbanks and patches of ice. Residents were advised to stay indoors due to the heavy snowfall creating hazardous road conditions. Despite the closure of a number of businesses in the county, COVID-19 vaccination sites are operating as usual.

Those with vaccination appointments have the option to receive their vaccination as scheduled, or can reschedule due to the dangerous weather conditions. The different locations have a number of ways to reschedule, including phone, email, and online options.

For those scheduled at the Rantoul Youth Center, send an email through this link or call 217-892-6844. Appointments at the former Dress Barn Store in Champaign can be rescheduled by calling 217-902-6100. Any appointments that need to be rescheduled at the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District can call 217-531-4538 or email Patients who registered online can also use this link to reschedule.

Although the vaccination sites remain open, Champaign County has seen a number of closures including early voting sites, the Champaign County Clerk’s office and all non-essential businesses in Urbana. University COVID testing sites will open at 2 p.m. as opposed to the normal 8 a.m. start time. Schools in the area have also cancelled in-person learning, some taking a full day off and others transitioning the day to remote learning.

Last night plow crews were sent home due to heavy snowfall and winds reaching about 20 mph. The conditions, along with the sunset made it difficult for drivers to see well. Although plow crews returned early this morning to clear the streets, many roads remain packed with snow that continues to be blown into the roads.

Sidewalks are expected to be cleared by Wednesday afternoon, but the streets may prove harder to clean. The thickness of the snow along with the cold temperatures make it difficult for salt treatments to work as effectively as normal.