Champaign County Budget Almost ready for Approval

The Champaign County budget won’t be up for final review until November but it is looking like many government employees may be looking at large bonuses due their perseverance during the pandemic. 

The county is planning on using some of their COVID-19 relief grants to give almost $750,000 in bonuses to employees. 

This is a hopeful sign for the county after proposed budget cuts earlier in the year that was cause for concern.

The budget is set in stone as long as the officials can meet the guidelines of the ARPA guidelines. County Director of Administration Bill Colbrook will have a process in which employees meet the criteria to receive the bonuses. 

The county will have to meet additional criteria to be able to give out bonuses due to regulations put on essential workers during the pandemic. Thai will help benefit the county to give bonuses to employees because many of them can be deemed essential workers.

This is a new addition to the budget that the country feels will help morale and show the community that essential workers are being appreciated. It will allow essential workers to be given compensation for their hard work. 

Bonuses have been in discussion but there has been no concrete details about them. Urbana officials have been considering it but it was difficult to determine where the funds will come from.

The proposal of bonuses is a change from budget talks the past month that saw a decrease in funds due to the pandemic but the county is hopeful they will recover. There are still numerous things to consider in the budget including anti-violence measures. 

Champaign County will have their approval of the budget in November which can lead to make essential workers walking away happy and a variety of issues plaguing the city receiving resources.