Chambana Women’s March and Rally for Abortion Rights

Hey hey! Ho ho! Abortion ban has got to go! 

This chant could be heard all the way down Green Street this past Saturday. October 2 is when the Champaign-Urbana Women’s March was held in the Chambana community while the National Women’s March took place in Washington, D.C.. 

Organized by the Women’s Law Society at UIUC, the march began with an introductory rally for abortion rights. Participants could make their own signs or pick up a pre-made one to hold up while guest speakers made their opening remarks.

One of the participants, Illinois graduate student Katrina Blum, was moved from the start.

Blum said, “It was such a powerful morning. Seeing hundreds of people gather to fight for abortion rights for all was incredible.”

The march route started at Alma Mater and ended at the courthouse in downtown Urbana. Participants walked down the parallel sidewalks of the street. Once the crowd arrived, a final rally was held with additional speakers. 

According to the event’s official website, “The mission of the Women’s March is to harness the political power of diverse women and their communities to create transformative social change.”

These ideals line up with Blum’s thoughts as well.

“Our message was made loud and clear, however, the fight doesn’t end after the Women’s March. We must advocate, sign petitions, make calls to people in power, and donate,” Blum said.

Photo by Maddy Chemers