Carle Mobile Health Clinic offers services direct to communities

Champaign County residents are offered a service that comes directly to their neighborhoods. The Carle Mobile Health Clinic aims to be an extension of Carle Hospital’s services providing greater accessibility for anyone wishing to take advantage.

The mobile clinic is staffed with medical personnel and social workers who are able to do medical screenings and more. Carle Hospital’s goal is to be able to provide care to visitors on the vehicle and lead patients to greater services at its main hospital building when applicable.

Social workers are able to assist with insurance coverage plans for patients and advise on ways to maintain health beyond visits to the mobile clinic or Carle Hospital.

The implementation of Carle’s Mobile Health Clinic began in August of 2018 after about a year long planning process. Almost three years in operation, the clinic has been able to serve locations across the community providing care to anyone from infants to adults.

“Community health initiatives is kind of the overarching umbrella of what the mobile clinic falls under,” said Kelly Parker, Manager of Carle Mobile Health Services. “We’re trying to bring high-quality healthcare out of the brick and mortar buildings of Carle and bring it out to everybody’s neighborhoods.”

Areas where the clinic travels to are where primary care options are less abundant. The vehicle has traveled to schools, churches, and other places that have allowed the service to bridge gaps in lack of healthcare presence.

“Our locations changing, with what the day looks like day-to-day, it could be very different from one day to the next,” said April Johnson, Nurse Practitioner at Carle. “We work really closely together, we’re extremely flexible, and that’s what I enjoy most— we’re always up for the challenge.”

For those seeking to utilize Carle Mobile Health Clinic, more information on its schedule and operations can be found here.