Car Spring Cleaning

The Illinois stay-at-home order has provided me a decent amount of time to do different things.

Things, like going outside and caretaking to my car.

You see, when I was still living on campus, my car was parked in a dirt lot. The only time I’d ever get to use it was on the weekends, and that’s if I was able to find time. The University of Illinois campus is not car friendly, so there aren’t many opportunities for me to use it.

Or take care of it.

A busy college schedule means that things like cleaning your car interior will always get pushed back to a different day… or week… or month…

Now that I am stuck in the same place all day, I was able to find time and deep clean my car’s interior. It had dirt and muck and everything in between since January.

The first thing I did was vacuum the car. I went and got every nook and cranny and got every little speck of dirt out. I even went and vacuumed the trunk! That required me to get into the trunk, so I am sure my neighbors were very confused with what I was doing.

After I vacuumed, I went and blasted air from an air tank all over the buttons and dashboard of the car.

This is a trick that I feel not a lot of people know about. Many people use dusters or even paintbrushes to get rid of dirt and dust, but the issue is that if your car contains a lot of plastic, the dust could scratch the surface and leave nasty marks. This is especially true for the gauge cluster cover. Most of the time, that’s plastic – not glass, so going over it with a cloth or duster will leave clear scratch marks.

After the air removed the dust, I then went on and made everything shine using a cloth and tire shine (believe it or not).

And then, I was finally finished. The car looks like brand new and it was worth it. I’m looking to sell the car soon, so it’s important that I keep it in top shape.

Jose Zepeda

Jose Zepeda is a senior at the University of Illinois majoring in journalism and minoring in political science. He is now on his third year with Good Morning Illini, previously serving as director, reporter and crew member. He is also currently a digital intern for WILL, the NPR- and PBS- affiliate in Urbana and vice-president of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists University of Illinois chapter. He also has his own podcast with fellow GMI-er Angelle Cortes called Just Chillin’. He brings previous experience as a features intern at The News-Gazette and as a daytime news editor at The Daily Illini. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @JoseZepedaTV.