Candlelight Vigil held by the Central Black Student Union

University of Illinois students, and Urbana-champaign citizens have had it with the recent violence in their communities. Multiple different shootings since august & multiple shootings this past weekend, the central black student union hosted a candlelight vigil for the victims whose life were taken due to violence. They marched all the way from Florida residence halls to the alma mater on green & wright street hoping to turn some heads to the sound of their voice

With violence being a common topic in Champaign and across the globe, eventually it becomes tiring and frustrating to deal with and sometimes it can even push others over the edge.  An Illinois State University student went missing on August 24th in Peru, Illinois which is what started this candlelight vigil, along with two shooting occurring during the first weekend of the semester. The Illinois State graduate student was found dead almost 2 months later which was the starting point trend of violence in the Urbana Champaign community.

Photo: Taken during the March for Jelani Day in Peru Illinois.

“When the semester first started, everything seems somewhat normal until a shooting incident happen right on second & green. Not to mention, there were two shootings in the month of September in which neither has been given an update on>-date on.  This candlelight vigil was created to promote peace in this community,” said President Trinity Rosa.

A Candlelight vigil is an event that publicly mourns or celebrate the life of a someone or a group of people. Jelani Day’s body was found weeks after he was reported missing which is how the coroner was able to classify the probable cause of death. One of the students from the University of Illinois went missing in the summer of 2017 as well which is why Illinois was so quickly to share the Jelani day show all over campus. The Central Black Student Union is an organization created to represent, uphold, and shape the culture in the black community which is why this event was created, too speak up against violence.