Campus community reacts to Derek Chauvin guilty verdict

Tuesday, Derek Chauvin was found guilty for the murder of George Floyd. Chauvin was guilty in all three counts: Unintentional second degree murder while committing a felony, third degree murder perpetrating an imminently dangerous act, and second degree manslaughter culpable negligence creating an unreasonable risk.

On Tuesday community members were awaiting the decision, some gathering in public places for the jury’s verdict. Gatherings remained peaceful across the Urbana-Champaign area.

Chancellor Robert J. Jones sent a massmail to students promptly after the verdict was reached.

“We hope today’s jury decision gives Mr. Floyd’s family some small sense of closure and a measure of justice,” said Jones. “But no court can reverse his senseless death. And no verdict will erase their grief, anger and loss. Our thoughts are with his family and friends today.”

With the verdict reached, some campus community members shared their responses to the court’s decision with UI7.

“It’s reassuring but it’s only the tip of the iceberg,” said Rachel Lyons. “It’s one of those things where there’s so many more incidents that happen with police brutality and just cops being negatively connotated in general— I hope more is to come from this.”

Derek Chauvin, now charged will face sentencing in weeks to come.

Across the country, crowds gathered hearing the verdict and many are have taken to social media sharing the court’s decision on Tuesday.