Becca Bertram

Becca Bertram is a senior studying Journalism and hoping to further her studies in investigative journalism whether it be broadcast or editorial. She is currently a staff writer for a section of the Daily Illini called “What’s the Buzz” along with being a co-host to the “What’s the Buzz” radio show through WPGU 107.1. Her other media experiences include her current internship with AMF Media as a social media intern, focusing on creating content for multiple social media platforms as well as general broadcast content for Q & A’s with talent. This semester, Becca is focusing on developing writing and producing skills for UI7 Live as well as working on anchoring skills. She also brings in experience as an IT admin for the College of Media on campus.

Becca enjoys spending time with her 2 year old dog Milo and attending (her favored type of content to create) fun events on campus like house shows, Uniting Pride/LGBTQ+ events, art events, etc.

Instagram: @beccabertram

Twitter: @beccabertram