Band Members Brings Illini Pride to Minecraft

by Liam Dwyer

For many fans of Illinois sports the past few weeks may have been hard. They had to survive without the roar of the crowd or the thrill of the game Worse still, many have had to survive without being able to sing the iconic Oskee Wow Wow played by the Illini Marching Band.

They need endure no longer. Just today Director of the Marching Illini Barry L. Houser, posted a short video on Facebook of Oskee Wow Wow being played in the popular video game Minecraft. Created by three Marching Illini band members as part of an assignment, the song is played via use of “note blocks” that each play a single note, with dozens of them configured together and timed to create the familiar tune.

As part of the post Houser wrote a short message saying, “I’ve always had the pleasure of teaching some extremely intelligent and talented students…you find out just how intelligent they are when you assign a project and THIS is the result”

The video was created by students Krista Roth, Jack Kelly and Emmett O’Brien.