Acacia Hernández

Producer, Reporter, Writer, Editor

Acacia Hernández currently serves as co-producer for Good Morning Illini, a campus morning news and lifestyle show. On a daily basis, she communicates and collaborates with her co-producer, GMI reporters, and her advisor to ensure content and deadlines are met for the show. In the Fall of 2020, she produced UI7 Live, filmed and edited packages, and wrote and edited articles. Outside of classes, she heads live sporting event productions with the Big Ten Network Student U program as a field producer. Hernández also regularly assists in the control room for football games as an intern for Fighting Illini Productions. She spent the summer of 2019 interning for Chicago Tribune’s retired Spanish-language newspaper, Hoy, as a multimedia bilingual journalist. On campus, she and two other classmates started a National Association of Hispanic Journalists student chapter in the Fall of 2019. She is looking forward to producing content for UI7 Live and producing for GMI during her senior year.

Good Morning Illini – Producer

Hernández cares strongly that each one of her shows is as informative and as visually captivating as possible.

Producer Reel – March 19, 2021

From fan reaction to students’ brackets, this show was built on the reaction of the Illinois men’s basketball team winning the Big Ten Championship. This was one of Hernández’s favorite shows to put together given the energy and excitement that flooded campus with the NCAA March Madness tournament being just around the corner.

UI7 Live Shows – Producer

Producer Reel – Oct. 15, 2020

For this show, Hernández opened with a package on how campus COVID-19 testing sites were moved indoors due to the colder weather, following with a plea from Champaign community members to remain in Phase 4 due to a significantly lower amount of coronavirus cases than the rest of state. The graphics of this story were essential in helping the viewer understand what the different phases mean, and where Champaign County, as well as the University of Illinois, stands in comparison to the state. Continuing with the flow of COVID-19 stories, she followed with the breaking news that Spring Break was on the verge of being cancelled (which ended up happening). Furthermore, she built on this story with another academic schedule change: no classes on Election Day. It was important for her as a producer to provide a GFX with a link students could go to if they wanted to register to vote. 
Nearing the end of A-Block, she included a lighter story, about local drive-in theatre events that community members could partake in through the rest of the month. She wishes she would have stacked this VO/SOT with a GFX of which movies were playing that weekend on as a way to better inform her viewers. She also realized the difference it would have made if she had provided b-roll to go over the B-Block stories the anchor teased at the end of A-Block.
Shifting from local and state-level news, the B block consisted of national news starting with the very timely and critical hearings of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, following with a voting package, and ending with a few ad-lib sentences previewing weather in the C Block.

“Life in a Pandemic” – Oct. 22, 2020

“Illinois 2020” – Nov. 03, 2020

On Election Night, Hernández worked alongside Tatiana Perry as an associate producer for all three election cut-ins. Throughout the night, she wrote lead-ins and provided updates on poll numbers for on-air talent, maintained constant communication between graphic creators, director, and playback about what content was being provided and transmitted, and collaborated with Perry to assure the overall show looked and sounded good. Additionally, Hernández created a shared document for the team that was continuously updated with the most up-to-date polling numbers which improved communication and ensured the poll numbers spoken on-air were the same as the ones shown on the graphics.

Associate Producer |  8 p.m. – 8:15 p.m.
Associate Producer |  10 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.

UI7 Live Video Stories – Reporter

Latino_Businesses – Oct. 28, 2020

Reporter, Editor, Producer
Hernández reported on what it was like for the local owners of “La Michoacana” Mexican ice cream shop to open during a pandemic, and how this pandemic has changed things for “El Progreso,” an 8-year-old Latin grocery store in Urbana.

Clint_Moon_Feature – Oct. 22, 2020

Reporter, Editor, Producer
With classes going remote, college students are holding on tightly to the few tangible activities they have left. Clint Moon, a senior studying biology at Illinois, continues his in-person performances during the pandemic, only now, with an online audience.

Movie_Night – Sept. 24, 2020

Reporter, Editor, Producer
Hernández reported on the first movie night of the semester at Memorial Stadium. Over 800 students attended in the midst of a pandemic, but students felt it was a safe way to escape the dorm rooms.

UI7 Live Web Stories – Writer

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