A ‘second-go’ at Virtual Quad Day

Photo Courtesy of the University of Illinois

By Acacia Hernández

After a “poorly executed” and “confusing” Virtual Quad Day, a group of four students came together to organize a round two to the event, calling it “Student Run Virtual Quad Day.”

Quad Day is traditionally known as the largest recruiting event of the school year and is typically organized by the University. This year’s event, back in August, was held virtually for the first time due to COVID-19 safety guidelines.

But according to junior Howie Liu, “it wasn’t as impactful as its predecessors.”

“I think the University tried its best to deliver an alternative Quad Day to students, but they definitely could’ve done a better job marketing it and keeping us informed,” Liu said. “We weren’t even aware of what platform the event was being held on until after the event started and one of our friends dug through reddit to find the information.”

After the event was over, Liu and his friends asked other Registered Student Organization leaders about their Virtual Quad Day experience and learned that most RSO’s struggled to recruit both new and returning students.

Liu was part of the student team that created another Virtual Quad Day in order to give Registered Student Organization leaders a second chance at recruitment and students at finding new groups to join.

The event will be held this upcoming Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m. This event has been promoted via Facebook Events and has had more 80 student organizations register, with more than 700 students respond to the event, as of Tuesday evening.

During the event this coming Sunday, students can navigate the master document based on categories they’re interested in and join a Zoom call with RSO representatives.

“There has been overwhelming support for this Student Run Virtual Quad Day,” Liu said. “Many RSO leaders have come together to help organize and promote this event. However, we still need to do a lot of marketing and promotion. This is our event, let’s make it work together.”