Testing Moves Locations

As the weather gets colder at the University of Illinois, COVID-19 testing centers have migrated indoors. Outdoor testing centers picked up and left their locations last week to move inside campus buildings. 

This event followed a mass email sent out by the University. The email informed students and staff about the updated locations. It stated that the change in locations was in preparation for colder weather.

In previous years, the Ice-Arena was used as the campuses ice skating rink, yet this semester, it is one of the newest indoor testing sites. The Ice-Arena did not lay down any ice this semester due to the ongoing pandemic. The rink has remained untouched while the lobby is utilized as an indoor testing site. 

A student employee at the Ice-Arena, Kareana Scherer, says her duties have changed from previous years.

“My job is to oversee the building and work with the testing employees and make sure everything is running smoothly.”

Prior to the re-opening for testing, Scherer’s hours were cut due to the closing of campus buildings. Now that the building is being utilized again, her hours have increased.

“After the shelter-in-place order went into effect, me and many student workers lost a lot of hours. But now that our buildings are being used as testing sites, a lot more shifts are available.”

Scherer hopes indoor testing gives student employees a chance to increase their hours.

Some of the new indoor testing sites include Krannert, The Activities and Recreation Center, and the State Farm Center.