2020 Commencement Will Be Online

by Liam Dwyer

Urbana, Ill. – This morning a mass email was sent out to students of the 2020 graduating class officially announcing the time and date for this year’s graduation ceremony to be held online.
Since the closing of campus at the end of Spring Break, the university was quick to reassure this year’s graduating class that the administration was working hard to find a way to celebrate their accomplishment. This was however complicated by the current stay-at-home order and quarantine guidelines.

Since the announcement, many have expressed discontent with this alternative, seeing it as a downgrade from the normal graduation celebration, with many signing a petition to reschedule in-person graduation at a later, and safer, time in the future. This petition garnished over 10,000 signatures and lead to the University announcing it would also continue looking into alternative dates for a in-person graduation after the online ceremony.

Today however the university officially announced that 12 pm, May 16th, an online celebration will be held. Graduating students will receive more news about the event at a later date via email as well as in the mail. The specific details of the celebrations such as what it will look like or whether it will utilize Zoom are yet unknown.