COVID Testing Option for Extended Religious Fasts

The month of Ramadan is quickly approaching starting April 2nd and that means many Muslim students on campus will be observing the holy month during the last few weeks of the semester. A tradition for Muslims during Ramadan is fasting from sunrise to sunset, and while this occurs Muslims are not able to ingest any type of food or water during those hours. 

“It was difficult for me to get tested during Ramadan because my mouth was always so dry, especially when bi-weekly testing was mandatory”, said Inaaz Mirza, a senior in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences. 

This applies to the university because if students who care fasting are not able to drink water, it becomes difficult for them to produce saliva, creating barriers for Muslim students to get tested. People fasting during ramadan can now request a nasal swab test to fulfill the testing requirements. The option will be open from April 2 to May 2, 2022. 

“I’m really looking forward to having alternative opportunities for saliva testing. I never really had the opportunity to properly get tested last year because my mouth was always so dry, I know COVID is getting better but there are still cases of COVID and being able to still get tested”, said Qasim Qavi. 

Campus community can call the McKinley Health Center at 217-244-5661 for an appointment and can state that they are requesting a nasal swab test because they are fasting during ramadan.